Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Food Blogs Collide

Sometimes I think the internet is just too damn big...too many resources, too many choices to make. I could get lost in the minutiae while looking for a simple recipe.
For the last two veggie in deliveries, we've received the great bounty of late winter - the blood orange. The first delivery of these, I wasn't feeling too well and didn't have the energy to do anything with them, so we just ate them. But as I ate the ruby-jeweled citrus, I thought, "What a crime that we don't have enough to make sorbet. Blood orange sorbet sounds so good!"
Well, in this week's bin, we got more blood oranges!! So I was determined to make some sorbet.
As I looked for recipes, I found one that kept appearing in different blogs. Thankfully all the bloggers I saw gave credit to the man who originally published this divinely simple recipe, David Lebovitz.
And so here I am to pass on the love of this incredible gift, David Lebovitz's blood orange sorbet recipe.
It's so riduculously basic, you'd think "It can't possibly be as divine as all that." Oh, but it is!
Clean and tart and refreshing. A frosty taste of the pure fruit.
It begs to be floated in a martini glass filled with vodka and a splash of lemon, lime or orange juice. Maybe some Hangar One Kaffir Lime vodka. I had a glorious martini made with that vodka and a float of rhubarb sorbet a couple of years ago.
Or even in a glass of plain soda water instead of an ice cube.

I didn't quite follow his recipe to the letter. I didn't have enough blood orange juice for a whole pint, so I combined the blood orange juice with some tangelo juice to fill out the pint of liquid. The other modification is that Lebovitz recommends 1/4 cup sugar for each 1 cup of juice. But the tangelo juice was so sweet that I only used 1/4 cup sugar for the 2 cups of juice I had (about 1.25 blood orange juice and .75 tangelo juice). I wanted to preserve the tartness of the blood oranges.

It turned out beautifully! And it's so packed with flavor, a small amount is enough to satisfy me. Which is a good thing because I only made a pint. That's not going to last in this house. *g*

SO, if you like blood oranges, or really oranges of any kind, I say hie thee hence to the grocer! Get yourself a bag of blood oranges and juice them like there's no tomorrow! Because their season is short...they might not be there tomorrow. :o) Just save some juice for a blood orange Cosmo.
And thank David Lebovitz's blog for the incredible recipe. I'm going back to find his recipe for a flourless chocolate cake made with Scharffenberger bittersweet chocolate. I have a dessert to make for a party next week and I promised chocolate. And that recipe sounds downright sinful!

But first? I need to go roast the eggplant we got on Friday. I'm going to make baba ghanouj. Yum!